lunedì 4 aprile 2016

Getting older (English translation of "Diventare vecchi" post)

Some of you probably remember the movies respectively with Tom Berenger, Major League and Tom Selleck, Mr. Baseball, where they played professional players with some physical problems and near to retirement. It 'a bit of time, due to my age, I happen to think of these characters. 
When I saw these movies more than a quarter of a century ago, the two players made me so tenderly and found them also a bit pathetic in their stubbornness to keep playing despite worn and felt by so many injuries and physical stress. 
Even though, deep down, I always admired them for their very Japanese stoicism (in fact the film starring Tom Selleck was set in Japan) to go against the social conventions related to their old age to be still an athlete and to pursue their goal of helping with a decent performance to the success of the match, putting for the team.

I also feel a little like them, in the sense that, having reached the age of forty and played volleyball for at least twenty-odd years, my tired body is gradually falling apart. From the right shoulder that begins to make strange noises and it hurts like hell the day after the sporting performance (so much so that I find it hard to play two days in a row, even if I make some exceptions during the summer) to my left knee,
which ligament pulsates as soon cooled, to my back that "pulls" for days, I'm increasingly convinced that my volleyball days are going to be over. 
Of course, I'm not a professional sportsman and my career has been mostly amateur (though I played a couple of seasons in Italian D series, especially as a reserve of opposite but at least fifteen games was made by me) but I begin to perceive myself as an athlete who is very near to retirement. And this triggered the old issue: better to leave when you are still competitive, while maintaining in people a good memory of deeds and for yourself too, or you must continue until an "internal" failure will not preclude the possibility of continuing? 
There is my team-mate who at 52 is a phenomenon since is still fit and plays without problems; however, is a person with an outstanding body, who has got no family and then have the time to keep toned and agile. Not that having a family is an excuse not to keep fit, there are many persons who succeed very well in reconciling the two issues. But if you read a couple of posts before you know I've recently become father and the first months are the most hard and casting doubt on all family structures and then I have to say that I could not (but should I say "would") do much in sporting terms. In any case, due to the physical matters mentioned above, I feel that if it goes well I could still play five, maximum six years to my favorite sport. So the question of whether to leave now that I still play with the people of twenty / thirty years or go ahead and suffer an inexorable decline is currently project to debate. 
One might even say who cares, keep playing until you have fun and that's okay, you do not make too many problems. And this is the spirit that I try to have in every game but sometimes, especially in the fifth set of a tense match, I happen to think about those two"old" baseball players who drag tired on the diamond in search of a little of that glory that makes them feel still young and vigorous.

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