domenica 3 aprile 2016

Become a father (English translation of "Diventare papà")

The first post of the blog I decided to start regards this new adventure I am undertaking for almost four and a half months. 
Actually (due to numerous visits, the expenses for trio and cot, the organization of space in the house, etc.) it began a little before, but only when my beautiful baby was in my arms I realized that my personal condition had changed. 
Surely those who are parents for awhile would say it is a normal process of which we become gradually aware and in an inevitable manner. 
All this is very fair and very true, however, for me, until I've perceived that little "alive" thing placid breathing in my arms, wrapped in a small cover, I have really understood what I had become and what responsibilities will come. 
I don't want absolutely scare anyone, especially new fathers who are going to take this path. I just want to make understand how from a self-centered and selfish view (although projected on others) in the space of a few seconds I have developed a new point of view that focuses on "my" little universe that I created with my wife.
Even the volleyball, which is my great passion, it has been completely resized by this event. I thought the birth of a child was normal, almost obvious thing, and that was going to be built as part of the things of life. However it was not so. Since that November day, my priorities have shifted on him and on his well-being, everything else placed into the background. 
In addition I also got a little anxious about the future, about the means that I can provide him to grow well and in a way (and a world) better than it has been what I have experienced, whereas previously the only important thing for me was to go on without thinking too much on the economic and social conditions.
In any case, every day is a discovery of something new. He himself is "new" as sang Gianmaria Testa in a lucky song, in the sense that he also needs to understand how to approach the world. 
For example, one thing I have found out since that he divides the bed with us, during night wakes-up (for any reason) if he find your hand and squeezes it, he falls asleep instantly, as if that touch reassures and calms him, making automatically return to the deep sleep state. 
Trouble if he does not find your hand !! 
Immediately begins to fuss and cry. 
In any case it is a wonderful experience I recommend to everyone. 
See you soon...

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